Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday Afternoon, Old Sacramento

I already mentioned it has been a long time since painting and that I donated a painting to a fundraiser hosted by a local Rotary club that I am a member of. Here is the painting is I originally wanted to do as an auction item and is my second painting for the auction. And I did start painting this before I started the painting of Irish beach. (However, I finished the Irish beach painting first because it was easier)

Anyway, of the two paintings this is my favorite because my idea for painting this was from Edward Hopper's "Early Sunday Morning." Hopper is one of my all time favorite painters mainly because of the simplicity of the painting and many times I can relate the theme of solidarity that is reflected in his paintings.

Sunday Afternoon, Old Sacramento

I did not want to try and copy the original "Early Sunday Morning." And I thought it would be more appropriate that I use a local setting and create my own idea based on the original painting. As you can see the composition is basically same. This is a painting that I could easily spend a lot of time on, but being limited on time I am glad I was forced to finish this as quickly as possible. Mostly because, I know I would have been messing with this and never finished it.

Irish Beach, A Painting

It has been 7 years since the last time I picked up a brush and finished a painting. I knew the only way to actually finish a painting is if I had some motivation to actually finish it. Each year, the Rotary club I participate with, hosts a huge fundraiser dinner with live and silent auction.

Irish beach

And this was my opportunity to actually pick up the brush and donate a painting for the cause. One of the live auction items was weekend stay at a residence on Irish Beach, on the Mendocino coast. So the topic for the painting was a landscape of the beach, as you can see above.

All in all, I am happy with the way it turned out. The only thing I would have done is to actually go to Irish Beach and take some of my own photos. But I was on a difficult deadline and it wasn't realistic to do that. The photos I worked from were not the best quality but did give me a good reference for the painting. Overall, I would say not bad for not painting in a very long time.

Monday, August 11, 2008

2nd Saturday

Every Second Saturday of the month downtown Sacramento celebrates art and music. Most of all it is an opportunity to celebrate the community and the artist who live here. You will find art where it is not expected like real estate offices and you'll find unexpected art if you are adventurous to check out tattoo parlors and other alternative venues.

There are few places that I personally recommend. Be sure to check out the Sacramento Art Complex near K St and 21st. There are several artist who call this studio space home. There is something here for everyone to enjoy. I also would recommend the 20th Street Art Gallery.

If you have not experienced this and you are interested in original art this is a must. The next Second Saturday is September, 13th.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Learning Curve

Besides the fact that it has been a long time since I painted, I am also much more comfortable with oil paints. (maybe it's the smell) Anyway, While I have been painting with acrylics I have noticed that the paint is way too thin for my liking.

So, I went to the local art store and discovered a matte gel medium, that adds body to thin paint. (just like the thin acrylic paints I have) So, I am going to have to try this and see if it gets me the texture I like.

If you haven't guessed, I like to pile the paint onto a canvas. Mainly, for a layering effect as well as the brush stroke effects, plus I like to scrap away top layers to reveal an interesting effect, you could call it a constructive destruction of my work.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Painting Again

I have started working on a 16x20 canvas panel. Right now, I am using acrylic. I prefer using oil, unfortunately, I am a little on the messy side when I paint and I am working in an apartment. (obviously, I don't want to cause any costly damage.)

Plus, I am painting from a photo I took a long time ago. It is nothing special and a particularly boring photo. Hopefully, painting this makes it a little more interesting. At this point I am just painting and making stuff.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A New Start

Creativity is a difficult thing to grasp. Most of the time, I am constantly racking my brain on how to come up with something new. Or, I am trying to to take an idea and make into something that is great. Anyone who has tried this knows it's not as easy as it sounds. Especially, when it is your own idea.

I know for myself, if I do not try to draw, paint, write, or something else "creative," it is very easy to loose that edge. For me, creativity is more like solving a problem and answering that problem is coming up with a solution that is different and not the fist idea you come up with. However, I need to switch my creative process. I need to take some advice that I got from a book I picked up many years ago, "Go to Your Studio and Make Stuff" by Fred Babb. I need to start making stuff, refining my skills and not worry about coming up with the next big thing.

The hardest part is actually starting...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What You See

If you have a good memory there is something different or missing and you would be right. What was originally "Prospecting for Ideas" has been renamed and moved to my "Reflections"

What you see now, here at krumbecker has not been forgotten, but I need some time to think what it will become.